About Us 


To be the Leading Contractor and Supplier of concrete Products in Zimbabwe,

Africa and beyond.

Hollands Construction has been a long journey and was established in 2009. The Hollands project on inauguration was a logistics company and later diversified to construction. Our head office is at Steeldale Bulawayo.

Hollands is a dynamic and innovative firm providing professional concrete products making of bricks and paving, engineering, architectural, and management services in the built environment to both the public and private sectors.

Hollands has more than 11 years’ experience and an excellent record of completed multi-disciplinary engineering and architectural projects. Projects completed by Hollands have yielded optimum results through cost-effective and viable design solutions, which culminated in economical and time efficient construction methods that adhere to current construction codes and specifications.

Hollands applies cutting edge engineering and architectural, technical theory to offer clients the very latest in innovative, versatile, cost-effective, and sustainable design solutions. The professionally registered staff members of Hollands are experienced to cover all aspects of engineering, architectural and management projects, but Hollands also incorporates the specialist services of external researchers and experts in the respective fields, when required to provide progressive solutions of the highest quality and complexity.

Hollands is a growing entity, we recently acquired top of the range Brick machine with a capacity of 100000 standard bricks per shift. Our logistics division provides efficiency when delivering our finished products.


The Team




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Our Vision, Mission and Core Values

Hollands continuously strives to add value to the client’s projects by providing excellent professional services that meet or exceed the client’s requirements and expectations.

The vision of Hollands is to lead in the art of engineering within the consulting fraternity of Zimbabwe. This vision ensures that all of Hollands’s projects are sculpted to create sustainable engineering solutions for the socio-economic and environmental development requirements in Zimbabwe.

Our vision is to become the leading brand in the concrete products and brick manufacturing industry in the city and expand countrywide.

We envisage to fuel research and innovation in the industry and become a leader.


Hollands promotes trust, transparency and truthfulness in all facets of its business and will not compromise its professional ethics, conduct and hard earned reputation.


Hollands ensures quality excellence by providing professional services and implementing compliance measured by its quality management system and procedures.


Hollands takes full accountability of its professional responsibility to create sustainable engineering solutions that are technically sound, economically viable and operationally safe. Hollands ensures adherence to conduct codes, practise standards and policies that govern all business activities.


The Brick factory

The Products

The products we will be producing are:

Concrete block – we have all size moulds and the block have good shape and corners.

Standard bricks – we produce a strong brick which can be used for foundations and decorative walls.

Paving- we produce all types of decorative paving as per customer specifications.

Road kerbs


Pricing and Payments

We have a rigorous strategy of providing lower prices and discounts to satisfy our customer needs.

All methods of payment will be established for our local and international customers.

–           Nostro accounts for Diaspora remittances

–           Local Zim dollar RTGS and zipit method

–           Point of sale card swipe from our bank

–           Cash


Corner Magazine & Mercy Street, Steeldale, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Tel: +263 719 845 607 

Email:  sales@hollandbricks.co.zw